I will write down about my travel story.

In the morning, instead of going to restaurant, we decided to have some convenience store’s food. We had to rush because this was the day that we reserved a bus tour of country side of Kyoto.

After we had a breakfast, we walked through the Den den town to get to the bus station. You can see Den den town’s landmark Gundam painting.

We had to ride a bus for 4 hours, so in the middle of our bus ride we had a chance to get to the gas station/store. It was my first time to visit gas station in other country so I had a good chance to see how it is like in other country. It was basically similar to Korea but they sell some Japanese stuff and some Japanese foods.

After long ride, We finally arrived Ine huneya. Ine huneya is located in Kyoto’s northernmost seaside. It was a super rainy day and the whole town was empty so it was a lil spooky but I really loved the mood.

We rode a lift to get to the top of the hill to see the view of Ine honeya. I have a fear of heights so it was a scary for me.

After 7 minutes of scary moment, We finally arrived to the top of the hill and there was a little amusement park.

For me, it was a quite irony that they made a amusement park on the top of the nature friendly tourism spot. I mean yeah why not but why would it be here.

Finally! We could see the Ine honeya. Which is one of the best 3 views in Japan.

People say it looks like a rising dragon but judge is yours.

For the lunch, we went to a seafood buffet. The food was super salty but fresh.

They even served sashimi. Gosh I was so happy because japanese law seafood is my favorite food.

After meal we rode a bus more to get Amano hashidate.

Which is located on sea side. We supposed to ride a ferry but was a super windy and rainy so our tour guide told us we may not be able to ride a ferry.

Luckily rain got stopped when we hop on a ferry. So we could see some houses of those village on the ferry. As you can see the first floor is a deck and second floor is a living area.

After our ferry ride, rain got heavy again. How lucky.

We hop on a bus again and heading to our final destination.

We arrived our final destination Mizuya. Which is located in mountain.

Be honest we all thought this village will be so boring. But as soon as we arrived here, we all agreed that this was the best place ever.

I really loved the mood of here. Feels like some oriental holy spirit will gonna pop out soon and those clouds are literally flying just up on our heads.

This village has their own way of house building skills which can last more than 500 years. And look at the roof. You can realize its roof is different from the other houses. It means some high class family used to live in that house.

I was walking in the village and found one small shrine. It literally looks like a some scene of zebry studios film. The air was fresh and I don’t know why but mood was super holy even though I don’t trust any gods or ghosts.

After I walked around and see the village, I found my family and friends at the pudding store. Was a small but quite antique designed and owner seemed she is quite proud and so sure of her desserts. My mom obviously prooved that she was even eating a pudding even though she really don’t enjoy sweet stuffs and also my friends were eating tons of puddings.

Lemme take a last glimpse of view. It was a time to go back to Osaka.

After 3 hour of ride we got back to Osaka.

My friends got so annoyed because Chinese tourists were making tons of noises. But guys come on understand them, some of them are kids and they obviously got so bored and tired and need some good things to spend their time with.

After we’ve got to Osaka. We went to Abeno harukas.

a Night view from Abeno harukas is one of the best thing Osaka. We can see whole landmarks of Osaka.

Luckily our air bnb was close from Abeno harukas so we were able to walk to our air bnb. We had to walk next to public graveyard so was a bit scared tho.

That night, I went to my friends room and we drank some. That tory’s whiskey is quite good one.

Was a quite busy day and heavy rainy day so I worried a lot but because of the rain, we could see lots of nice views with awesome moods. I’ve been to Japan quite a lot but this day was the one of the best day.

I highly recommend you guys to visit country side of Kyoto.

kyoto,Japan”의 4개의 생각

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